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Learn your coffee grinds first!

As you begin this beautiful adventure in the world of Specialty Coffee, you are going to discover the many benefits of what a well balance and delicious cup of coffee can have on your daily life. It all begins in mastering the right grind for that perfect cup.

The Grinds

The perfect grind for your coffee depends on the type of brewing method you are going to be using. In general, the grind sizes are Coarse, Medium and Fine. There sub-categories are, Extra Coarse, Medium Coarse, Medium-Fine, Extra Fine and don’t forget Whole Beans. If you want to learn more about what Brewing method to use go over Brewing tips. We have a helpful guide that explains all the coffee brewing methods for the ultimate coffee cup.

Identify the types of grinds

Extra Coarse

Coffee Method: Best for cold brew coffee


Coffee Method: Great for French Press, Coffee Cupping.

Medium / Coarse

Coffee Method: Useful for Chemex Coffee maker, Clever Dripper, Café Solo Brewer


Coffee Method: Cone-Shape Pour-over Brewers, Flat Bottom Drip Coffee machines, AeroPress

Medium / Fine

Coffee Method: Cone-Shape Drip Coffee Machine


Coffee Method: Espresso, Moka Pot, AeroPress

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